love ya tomorrow

to do:

  • workout (always, always, always, make your workouts a priority. write em down, schedule them in, do whatever you have to do to make yourself accountable.) done 1/4
  • bake cupcakes for the little aprons birthday
  • make granola done 1/4
  • clean refrigerator done 1/4
  • balance checkbook
  • new dinner recipe

I got three things done on my to do list today, I’m not complaining. You win some, you lose some. The rest can wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow….

So glad I got the fridge cleaned out though.

A few of my faves: Kodiac syrup, Honest tea, Sunking light, Pacific vegetable broth, Stoneyfield yogurt

Wallaby yogurt, baby spinach, flax meal

Someone has a condiment problem, no?

While I was at it, I decided to clean out the pantry. Good bye candy corn.  Miniature marshmallows… I’ll keep you around a while longer.

 In addition to a monthly goal, I plan on making a new granola recipe every month. I wanted to make Christmas granola last month, but never had the time. Seeming how its January, and I’m anxious for spring to arrive I added dried apricot to the mix for a color boost. Spring can you come any sooner?



Look at the orangey goodness of the added apricot.

Recipe to follow on Wednesday

Tonight’s dinner was Taco Tuesday.

Taco Tuesday was started by Mr. Aprons sister Michelle about two years ago when we visited her in Bloomington where she lived at the time.

Ever since then Taco Tuesday has morphed into a night of basically anything mexican. Fish tacos, burritos, enchiladas, nachos all qualify for “Taco Tuesday”. 

Tonight’s “taco” was a bean burrito with nutritional yeast, lettuce, onion, and hot sauce wrapped in a warm tortilla. A side of salty tortilla chips, deli style salsa, and a glass of vino completed the meal. We opened up the bottle of Catawba we purchased from Chateau de pique. It’s a sweeter red but with the dry finish I like. Still no sweets, I’m holding out for tomorrow’s big dinner.