Pre-game warm up

Thanks for all the kind comments yesterday.

According to my training schedule Sunday was supposed to be a rest day but I felt like getting in some hot yoga. I went to a 12:45 class entitled “Pre-game warm up flow”. It was 75 minutes of pure bliss. It’s so nice to get away in the middle of day and do something for yourself. After class I took a short walk to Good Earth and grabbed a Kombucha. It felt like 40 degrees outside which is a heck of a lot better than the chilly 20’s we’ve been having lately.

I snapped a few photos on the way.



The gingerberry flavor was nice and light on the stomach but not very effervescent. I miss the original formula 😦

Once I got home I took a quick shower and put a few finishing touches on the buffalo chicken dip and lemon cakes.

I think I scored big points with the hubs and his buds on this one.

Recipes coming soon.

My co-worker and friend Joules brought these fudgy football shaped brownies.

 Not just any brownie but Nutella frosted brownies! I think I may have started something.

 We look-alike, no?

We had a great time watching the game and commercials but the half-time was show was the best part. The  Black Eyed Peas did an amazing  job, Fergie rocked the shoulder pads, she was Fergalicious. The BEP’s will always a have a spot on my playlist, great running music. I had a sampling of foods throughout the night, waaaaay too much I’m sure. One of my favorite dishes besides the brownies was Cassie’s spinach artichoke dip.

Spinach, artichokes, cream cheese and parmesan cheese, what’s not to love.

To wash down the pizza and spicy buffalo dip, Leinenkugel Berry Weiss. Hints of blackberry and elderberry make for a nice girly beer or dessert drink.

Two parties in two days equals one tired girl. I’m ready to get back on track and do what I do best, eat well, run, yoga, and sleep…atleast until the next party or holiday of course.