Accident prone

Accident prone

Oh I forgot to tell you about this.

 Yesterday as I was walking outside I slid on a patch of ice, fell on my butt and twisted my ankle. Yeah I’m sure it was a pretty site. I’ve been accident prone lately. Just the other day as I was shopping for heavy cream in the dairy aisle, squatted down to get a price check, lost my balance and toppled over. Why do they put the cream all the way at the bottom anyway?

My ankle didn’t feel so bad so I ran on it, twice actually. Man that would really bite if I got an injury do to the ice. As far as I can tell my ankle is fine. whew.

I had this little creation for dinner.

Butternut squash with meatless meatballs, spinach and red pepper flakes. Don’t I repeat Don’t try this at home. Let’s be honest you probably wont like it and feel utterly jipped after you eat it. Do try whole grain crackers with laughing cow cheese. Today!

My good friend Cassie came over bearing gifts of wine.

This bottle is from Madison Vinyards, in Madison, Indiana a quant little town with shops, ice cream parlors, and homemade candy.

 Ummm. It was fruity, not too sweet, and had a nice finish.

I put out a bowl of popcorn with chocolate chips,

and made up for dinner.