Ice and wine: not to be mistaken with ice wine

Despite the storm on Tuesday L.a and I made it outside for a wonderful walk. We  I acted as if I were ten and did some slipping and sliding on the ice.

Uggs to keep my toesies warm.

Zebra rain boots for extra slidability, of course.

My old Canon PowerShot A590 from 2008 does a decent job of taking nature photos. I dug it out of the box and am currently using it until I get a new one, can you believe the thing runs on batteries. Ha.

Breakfast: Was a fried egg, toast and two morning star sausage links.

After breakfast I did a Dave Farmer podcast, 75 minutes total in the comforts of my cozy blue room.

 I love this paint color in case you’re wondering its Laura Ashley in Summer Nightfall.

This was the first time I was able to do all 75 minutes of Dave. I’m starting to feel stronger in my yoga practice. Rather than just doing the poses I am the poses. A little too deep?

Any who,

Lunch: Was a mashup of whatever I could find in the fridge.  Check out this mashup

A tempeh sandwich with munster cheese and jam, sweet potato chips, cabbage and a shared plum.  I cooked the tempeh and cabbage in low sodium soy sauce and sprinkled the cabbage with sesame seeds.

Since L.a and I both had a snow day we took it easy watched mindless television, worked on a puzzle and made some granola bars. Look for recipe on Thursday!

The hubs was kind enough to drive me to the YMCA after he got home from work. I ran an easy 40 minutes on the treadmill and covered just under four miles. I’m enjoying the timed runs so far. It’s definitely a different way of thinking and I don’t feel as rushed. Pre-run was a homemade granola bar.

After we got home Mr. apron made some fish with white wine, butter, basil and tomatoes. I baked the sweet potatoes in evoo with cajun spices, paprika, chili powder and a dash of salt and pepper.  Brussel sprouts have been on my mind for a couple of weeks now. I wanted the flavors of the sprouts to come through so I steamed them in water and added a small pat of real butter and a dash of salt.


 A mocktail while cooking.

The real stuff with dinner.

The wine was super sweet and I probably wont buy it again but I’m not gonna waste it. I’m just sayin.

Ok now that January’s goal of less than three desserts per week is over I’m going a little crazy over here.

marshmallow. check

chocolate. check

graham cracker. check

Simple and delicious.

Have a wonderful day, stay warm and don’t forget about the party!