Sunshine, no rain just water

Despite the gloomy weather predictions, It never rained today!

Just plenty of sunshine 

The weather was so nice that my athletic conditioning instructor decided to move class outside. Whenever we go outside instead of staying in the gym the workout seems harder. It was a windy 60 minutes of 1/4 mile sprints followed by 1/4 mile jogs, shuffles, high knees, push ups, dips…etc. For every step I took forward the wind pushed me back two.

It didn’t help that my breakfast wasn’t fully digested either. I think I should to start giving myself three hours instead of two to eat before a workout, unless it’s a very small meal (1/2 breakfast). I know can break up breakfast by eating a little before and a little after, but it’s so nice to have one regular meal.

After class I jumped into the Y’s olympic sized pool.

I wish I could say I’m a good swimmer, but I’m not. The whole breathing thing just doesn’t work for me. Every once and while I like to get into the pool and just feel a little buoyant ya know?  After a few laps I ran a little bit. Yes! I ran in the water, and yes it’s good for your training!

The thing I dislike most about swimming is fa-reeezing water. Today the temperature was perfect, I actually enjoyed it. Dare I say sprint triathlon this summer?

Once home I made a big salad.

In the salad: two kinds of lettuce (iceberg and romaine), tomatoes, carrots and asparagus. [Started adding iceberg to my salads for extra bulk. What? I had to do something. I was going through one bag on romaine every couple of days.] I know just call me a rebel.

On the salad: free-range organic egg, freshly grated parm cheese, black pepper, blob of chipotle hummus.

After lunch I had a little down time before my next meeting and watched a movie called The Future of Food. Tsk tsk GMO’s, that’s all I have to say.