A family that runs together stays together

Hey y’all I can’t believe its months since my last post!

Here are a few photos from my last couple of races.

Indianapolis 500 Mini-marathon May 7,2011

Finish 1:51:46
Pace: 8:31 Place Overall: 4646  Place Gender: 978

This was a surprising personal best for me. I thought and felt awful the whole 13.1 miles. Amazing how your body acts under pressure. I will never forget the time 1.5.1

Geist Half-Marathon May 21, 2011

Official Time: 2:00:29
Division Place: 53
Gender place: 244
Overall: 854

Another personal best! And just two weeks later.

 Phoenix, AZ  Leisure mountain hike June 7, 2011

And last but not least my very favorite run of the year…

Maria’s Birthday 5-K  July 30, 2011

As you can see running makes me smile 🙂 The time was irrelevant the only thing that mattered was the sum 20-30 family members and friends that showed up.

I wonder if I’ll have enough time to train for one more race? or will wait until next year. What are your running/workout goals for the remainder of 2011?


Smokey Mountain Run

 Hey y’all sorry I’ve been MIA for a while.  The hubs and I got home from Gatlinburg, Tennessee Sunday night around 11:00PM. Ever since then I’ve been trying to catch up on laundry, grocery shopping, and bill writing. You know all the fun stuff in life that has to be done or else the sky just might cave in.

Any who, we had so much fun in the Smokey’s I wanted to blog about it every night but when your 21ooft up in the mountains reception is not very good. Here are a few pics and highlights from Aunt-T’s birthday vacay.

The inside of our two-story cabin, complete with five bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, breakfast nook, family room and game room. Plenty big enough for eight people. I spy a brown furry animal. BEAR!

The view from our cabin overlooking the mountain range.

There were so many nooks and crannies to explore inside,  look what I found!

Chocolate…SCORE!!! I had a few M+ M’s, blue being my favorite and 2 mini snickers bars.Do you have a favorite M+M color? Or am I just corky!?  The snickers bars were just meh, I think I’ll stick with the good stuff. Dark chocolate Endangered Species.

After we all settled in and had dinner we threw our swim suits on and jumped in the hot tub.

Saturday morning I woke up refreshed and went on my scheduled 45 minute run. The whole group was supposed to join me but I only managed to grab two of the crew. Mr. Apron and our new friend Tyrone were good sports 🙂



After the run I did three sets of 20 push ups and 2o dips.

Total run: 45 minute loop on hilly terrain

Distance: Not sure? Maybe 2 or 3 miles, due to the conditions.  I need a Garmin, desperately 

Elevation: 2168 ft. My lungs did not fail me. I actually felt pretty good.

 Temp: 42° Feels Like: 38° Humidity: 62%

Pre-fuel: The previous nights dinner. I didn’t feel like eating before the run a rare idea for me.

Whole wheat spaghetti with mixed vegetables and ground lean beef. I only had a small amount of meat, I tried to grab more of the veg.  A simple side salad drizzled with raspberry wine vinaigrette. Beverage of choice was a little vino rojo.


A bowl of Kashi with soy milk topped with a medium sliced banana, 1 tbsp Nuttzo and a sprinkle of chia seeds.

A good work out can be done anywhere, you just have to creative. Who knows you might even make a new friend along the way.

Never have I ever…

Hi y’all! I’m high up in the mountains in a beautiful cabin with wonderful peeps. The hubs and I made it safely around six last night. We had a family style pasta dinner then played a litte “never I have I ever”, in the hot tub 🙂 Today we are going to do some activities on the strip and maybe see a Dixie Stampede. But first up is a group hike, and a little muscle workout. Sorry for the lack of pics, no good reception here. Have you ever been to Gatlinburg? Is their anything you recommend doing while I’m here? Happy Saturday!