Pumpkin pie smoothie

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

I hope all of you are enjoying time with your family and eating good food.

Thursday morning started out with our annual Drumstick Dash,

a 2.2 mile scenic run through Broad Ripple to benefit The Wheeler Mission. This has to be our fifth or sixth time doing this race. The course can be either 2.2 miles or 4.5 miles depending on what you choose. This year we decided to run the short course with hopes of running the long course next year.

After the race we walked another 1/2 mile to the car, headed home and showered. We had a lovely lunch with friends and family afterwards. Do you prefer an early Thanksgiving dinner or a later Thanksgiving dinner?

I did a little zumba this morning with my sister in-law {Julia} and the Little Apron. Julia is having a second Thanksgiving dinner tonight at her house. I made a homemade pumpkin pie with whipped cream for the occasion.

I purchased a couple extra cans of pumpkin at Whole Foods for only $1.29 each…steal! So I decided to make a pumpkin Pie smoothie.

1 cup pumpkin

5 ice cubes

1/2 cup plain non-fat greek yogurt

1/4 cup almond milk

1/2 small frozen banana

2 dashes pumpkin pie spice

1 dash cinnamon

Blend all the ingredients together and top with granola a nut butter.

I topped mine with a little Kashi pumpkin flax and sunflower nut butter.

It’s a gorgeous day here in Indy! I even have the windows open. Getting some good fall breezes and little bit of sunshine.

Time to do some house cleaning and get ready for tonight.

Have a wonderful Saturday evening.

Thank you for reading!!!!



A family that runs together stays together

Hey y’all I can’t believe its months since my last post!

Here are a few photos from my last couple of races.

Indianapolis 500 Mini-marathon May 7,2011

Finish 1:51:46
Pace: 8:31 Place Overall: 4646  Place Gender: 978

This was a surprising personal best for me. I thought and felt awful the whole 13.1 miles. Amazing how your body acts under pressure. I will never forget the time 1.5.1

Geist Half-Marathon May 21, 2011

Official Time: 2:00:29
Division Place: 53
Gender place: 244
Overall: 854

Another personal best! And just two weeks later.

 Phoenix, AZ  Leisure mountain hike June 7, 2011

And last but not least my very favorite run of the year…

Maria’s Birthday 5-K  July 30, 2011

As you can see running makes me smile 🙂 The time was irrelevant the only thing that mattered was the sum 20-30 family members and friends that showed up.

I wonder if I’ll have enough time to train for one more race? or will wait until next year. What are your running/workout goals for the remainder of 2011?

Blue mile bunny socks

Happy Easter!

I hope you had a great Easter Sunday no matter how you spent it. My day was filled with family, food and fun.

 I ate lots of good food today!

  • Egg omelet with plenty of veg for breakfast.
  • Salads, fresh veg, fruit, and a small plate of dessert for lunch.
  • Purple monster smoothie with a purple jelly bean tossed in for dinner.

Yesterday as I was reading my e-mails I stumbled across the blue mile’s e newsletter. For those of you who don’t live in Indianapolis the blue mile is a store “committed to runners and walker at all levels of fitness”.  They carry everything from shoes and apparel to gadgets and accessories to get you started on walking/running program or keep you motivated. The friendly knowledgeable staff is a big plus as well.  In the newsletter are things like product reviews,


  Endurox R4 Recovery Drink


 Soleus 262 100-Lap Watch  

 and information on their upcoming store events.

What caught my eye the most was this:

[{Easter Sunday Fun at BlueMile in Broad Ripple, Camel and Fishers We’ll be open on Easter Sunday (in these three locations only) with a little Easter egg fun. Pick an egg out of the basket, and you’ll win a prize–including gift cards and merchandise. Our special Easter hours are noon to 5pm in Broad Ripple, Carmel and Fishers.}]

Now let me start out by saying I may be a little too old to hunt for Easter eggs, but ask me to reach into a basket and pull out an egg. Now that I can do.

Before heading home and calling it a day we [Mr. Apron, Little Apron and myself] stopped into the Fishers location to take a look around and see what the Easter bunny had left behind.

I chose the last pink egg and to my surprise I found a mr. Goodbar (peanuts…love) and a note that read:

Happy Easter! Free Socks!

Feetures! light are a multi-sport  performance sock with ultra light cushion and a seamless toe guaranteed to prevent blisters. The other cool thing about these socks are the eco-friendly packaging they come in and the company’s commitment to the National Forest Foundation. A portion of sales for each pair of socks is donated to the NFF.

It just so happens I was in need of a new pair of running socks. I tried them on as soon as I got home and gave them a quick two-mile run.  They felt great and fit like a glove!

 Thank you Mr. Easter bunny or should I say the blue mile…wink, wink.

What was your favorite suprise today?

Running and a dinner

Last night Jason and I had plans to go to dinner and a movie, but after being cooped up inside all day the last thing I wanted was to sit for two hours in a unpersonable theater. Instead of the movie we decided to take advantage of the weather and run a short two miles together, than proceed to dinner.

 In case you’re wondering the movie we were going to see was “Water for Elephants” with Reese Witherspoon and Rob Pattinson. Water for Elephants is probably one of my favorite books of all time. Did you get a chance to watch the movie? If you haven’t read the book I highly recommend it!

Can’t wait for another opportunity to see the movie when the time is right.

The weather was warm and a little humid with drips of rain in the air. I love the feeling of a short run. I like to run as fast as my body will allow, without worrying about time or distance.

In honor of Earth Day we tried a new restaurant that specializes in organic, locally sourced ingredients.

 Scottys Lake House was the perfect fit for the both us. Burgers and beer for him, conscious food for her.

I ordered the ahi tuna burger off the not burgers menu. $9.00 seemed like a big price tag for a normal (smallish) size burger, but once we started eating them we could  easily tell why. They were full of flava!

I didn’t want to eat all the bread but instead focused on the goods: garlic teriyaki seared tuna and asian cabbage slaw.

We ordered a basket of  house fries from the burgers bff menu, again smallish in size but not on flava! The thick cut fries came with three different sauces for dipping.

  • chipotle ketchup
  • garlic mayo


  • sun king beer mustard (favorite)

Neither one of was able to finish the fries, we did however finish our beers.

I had the Centennial Martyr Double IPA on tap that evening from thr3ewisemen. I could taste the honey and hints of Indiana flowers in every sip.

Centennial Martyr Double IPA
Amber to medium red 
ABV: 8.00% 
IBU: 92
Features: clover honey from hunter’s honey farm in martinsville, indiana and amarillo hops

After dinner we walked four doors down (literally) and tried another new establishment.

We were greeted by the young hip owner of zogurts with a friendly come on in. Even though they were closing in five minutes (didn’t realize until later), were offered samples and nutritional information on all ten flavors.

After a couple small samples, I opted for the Fat Trimming non fat chocolate yogurt. With only 80 calories per 4 oz serving it was treat I wasn’t going to pass up.

 Love culinary adventures!!! Especially when we get lucky and find good food.

Hope your weekend started out great 🙂

Apricots, Arnica and After

Hello, hello!

I woke up this morning and hit the door running.

I covered 5 miles around the neighborhood in a little over 50 minutes. Don’t know why I’m slow lately. The thing is I don’t really feel slow, maybe I’m just enjoying the ride and taking in the scenery.

 Or maybe I need to start drinking more water?

Water before

and water after.

A couple of apricots pre-run for some quick burning carbs.

Sun-maid apricots were given the “healthy fitness award” in 2008 by Fitness magazine. I used to use energy gels during long long runs, but now I think dried fruit my be better.

I took a rawther COLD bath to ice my legs, and then rawther hot bawth with bath salts to soothe my legs. Loving this new product made by EObath salts and arnica all in one. It tingled a little bit, but my legs feel great! Sturdy and strong!!

The aroma of the eucalyptus wasn’t very prominent, I’m a sensory kinda girl. Maybe I’ll add more essential oils to the water next time.

By 9:30 breakfast was calling my name and all I wanted was a big bowl of cereal!!!

Into the bowl went:

  • 3/4 cup Natures Path Flax (it’s on the bottom)
  • 3/4 cup Peanut Butter Panda Puffs
  • 1 tbsp of fresh ground peanut butter from kroger (easy on the wallet)
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup mixed berries
  • 1 cup almond milk

Still trying to finish off this coffee , and still don’t like it…

Watching an episode of bethenny ever after {loved her book}, then it’s time to get some work done. Can’t wait to try the skinny girl margarita, and read her new book A Place of Yes.

Happy Wednesday! Don’t work to hard 🙂

Ten miles down


Today’s 10 mile run was actually quite fun.  It only took about a mile before I realized all the kinks and sluggishness had vanished.

The weather was perfect, sunny yet cool.

The Monon wasn’t too busy either it was filled with just the right amount of runners, walkers, and bikers.

I covered 10 miles in about 1 hour and 39 minutes, that’s about a 9.9 minute pace.

A little bit slow, but then again today was only practice, sometimes slower is better.

After my run I elevated my legs and let the blood run back to my core.



Post fuel: Otherwise known as the rest of my breakfast was a protein shake in a reusable Kombucha bottle.

Love using my empty kombucha bottles for water and such, oh so GREEN.

I packed this little snack with me knowing lunch wouldn’t be for at least a couple of hours.

1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, and half a banana.

During training I usually end up eating about four times a day anyway. Smaller meals with more nutritional value. Having a protein shake within 30 minutes of a long run curbs my appetite, and I feel like the nutrients absorb better.

After a quick shower and a few errands I finally had lunch.

Sandwich: PB+strawberry jam on rye bread with sliced strawberries.

Salad: lettuce, spinach, onion, asparagus, sprinkle of walnuts, sprinkle of gorgonzola cheese, more strawberries , black pepper and a drizzle of honey.

 You already know I can’t live with tortilla chips. I dug into the almost empty bag of FSTG blue corn tortilla chips and added them for a little extra crunch.


¼ pumpkin, ¼ cup low-fat vanilla yogurt, and 1 tbs of bare naked fit almond granola.

Not much else happened today except dinner.

Over the weekend I worked at the hospital and I’m not sure why but it seemed colder than usual in there.  

I had a hard time keeping warm, and decided right then and there I’d be making a spicy soup for Monday nights dinner. 

Not sure what to call it yet.

It’s a mix between a sweet and spicy soup with added chicken, glass noodles, mung beans and shiitake mushrooms.

Seasoned with ginger, s+p, jalapenos, chili powder and lime juice.

It did it’s job! Warmed me up and helped with Mr. Aprons cold, even the little apron liked it.

 Time to rest and get some beauty sleep.

Nite 🙂

Berry excited for a 10 mile run


The sun is shining, but it wont last long.

Showers in the Vicinity

I’m gonna try to beat the rain and get in a 1o mile run. 

10 miles?!

10 miles sounds so intimidating, but with only two more weeks left until race day,


 I need to be putting the finishing touches on my training.

 According to my calculations I have ran a total 20 hours since January.

20 hours with an average pace of 10 minute per mile is the equivalent of:

120 miles,

9 mini-marathons, or

4 full-marathons

When you put it into perspective 10 miles is nada. Nothing but a G thing baby!

 I  am starting to get a little tired though, and my body is feeling the effects. My lower back hurts and my hips are so tight.

 When I think back to previous years of training this always seems to happen to me: lack of motivation, body aches, and the dreaded long run.  

 I’m sure every runner feels this way at some point or another even on their best days.

I guess you could say it’s normal.

 The good news is I have a plan 🙂

  1. Run with grace
  2. Maintain integrity
  3. Elevate legs
  4. Ice baths (brrr)
  5. Arnica gel

[ If you’ve never used arnica gel get some now! It does wonders for sore muscles.]

     5. Epsom salt

     6. Rap music: It gives me that edge, you know?

On that note I’m out the door!


A granola bar and  cup of berry inferno joe. The Fresh Market has thee best coffee eva.

 Look at that peanut butter goodness…mmm.

Smokey Mountain Run

 Hey y’all sorry I’ve been MIA for a while.  The hubs and I got home from Gatlinburg, Tennessee Sunday night around 11:00PM. Ever since then I’ve been trying to catch up on laundry, grocery shopping, and bill writing. You know all the fun stuff in life that has to be done or else the sky just might cave in.

Any who, we had so much fun in the Smokey’s I wanted to blog about it every night but when your 21ooft up in the mountains reception is not very good. Here are a few pics and highlights from Aunt-T’s birthday vacay.

The inside of our two-story cabin, complete with five bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, breakfast nook, family room and game room. Plenty big enough for eight people. I spy a brown furry animal. BEAR!

The view from our cabin overlooking the mountain range.

There were so many nooks and crannies to explore inside,  look what I found!

Chocolate…SCORE!!! I had a few M+ M’s, blue being my favorite and 2 mini snickers bars.Do you have a favorite M+M color? Or am I just corky!?  The snickers bars were just meh, I think I’ll stick with the good stuff. Dark chocolate Endangered Species.

After we all settled in and had dinner we threw our swim suits on and jumped in the hot tub.

Saturday morning I woke up refreshed and went on my scheduled 45 minute run. The whole group was supposed to join me but I only managed to grab two of the crew. Mr. Apron and our new friend Tyrone were good sports 🙂



After the run I did three sets of 20 push ups and 2o dips.

Total run: 45 minute loop on hilly terrain

Distance: Not sure? Maybe 2 or 3 miles, due to the conditions.  I need a Garmin, desperately 

Elevation: 2168 ft. My lungs did not fail me. I actually felt pretty good.

 Temp: 42° Feels Like: 38° Humidity: 62%

Pre-fuel: The previous nights dinner. I didn’t feel like eating before the run a rare idea for me.

Whole wheat spaghetti with mixed vegetables and ground lean beef. I only had a small amount of meat, I tried to grab more of the veg.  A simple side salad drizzled with raspberry wine vinaigrette. Beverage of choice was a little vino rojo.


A bowl of Kashi with soy milk topped with a medium sliced banana, 1 tbsp Nuttzo and a sprinkle of chia seeds.

A good work out can be done anywhere, you just have to creative. Who knows you might even make a new friend along the way.

blue moon full moon

“We runners are all a little nutty, but we’re good people who just want to enjoy our healthy, primitive challenge. Others may not understand running, but we do, and we cherish it. That’s our only message”.

John J. Kelley Olympic marathoner

Blue mile training program week five:

Pre-fuel: 0700 3 dried apricots for a burst of healthy carbs.

Post-fuel: 9:00ish? Nova lox with tomatoes, capers and red onion on a whole wheat bagel thin. A small cup of Einsteins neighborhood blend and a few pieces of fruit shared with Cassie.

Today’s scheduled run was to be: 60 minutes or 6 miles easy, finishing steady.

I stayed up way to late last night (thank you coffee, and full moon), and because of it I woke this morning I didn’t feel rested at all.  I wasn’t sure how the lack of sleep would affect my run, but once I hit the pavement all signs of fatigue vanished.  Maybe it had something to do with the bone chilling air or the fact that I had someone to run with who shared my pain. My core felt well insulated with an undershirt, technical shirt and vest but my arms nearly froze off. I thought I was going to suffer from frost bite.

Early on into the run I was introduced to one of the Blue Mile’s mentors. He seemed to have the same pace as I so we decided to run together. After talking with him for a while I discovered his normal pace is usually around 8:15 whereas mine is a measly 10:00 minute mile. He was gracious enough to let me hold him back but to my surprise we were clocking 8:45!!!

The great thing about running with someone faster than you is the motivation of becoming faster yourself.

We ended up doing 6.6 miles in 60 minutes.


I’m one tired little runner now, time to rest and recover. Part of tonight’s recovery ritual will be a tasty Italian dinner with friends.

Happy long-run Saturday,





she put the lime in the coconut

Happy Hump Day only two more days till the weekend!

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted very many dinners lately it’s because they haven’t been anything special. I guess you could say I’m in a dinner rut.

Breakfast and lunch have been pretty fun lately.

Monday’s breakfast:

Heart-shaped pancakes topped with reddi wip, a drizzle of kodiac cakes mountain berry syrup and a sprinkle of L.O.V.E

Tuesday’s lunch:

Green egg (spinach-artichoke dip) sandwich on breadsmith multi-grain bread, with a side of carrot sticks and a simple salad. The salad was mixture of romaine lettuce and cilantro drizzled with salt, pepper and fresh squeezed lime juice.

The star of the lunch was a yogurt parfait. Layers of  low-fat vanilla yogurt and mixed frozen berries topped with granola and a H.E.A.R.T, made for a good ending.

Todays breakfast:

A bowl of  mom’s best malllow-oats with 1/2 TLC pumpkin spice granola bar, 1/2 sliced banana and a sprinkle of chia seeds.

and lunch:  

Pork tenderloin over a bed of romaine, cilantro, cucumber, tomato slices and some H.O.T salsa. I made another simple salad dressing with fresh squeezed lime juice and little salt and pepper.

Another yogurt parfait.

This time I mashed up a 1/2 sweet potato seasoned with cinnamon and layered it between some lfv yogurt. Topped with a sprinkle of granola and banana slices.

I’m not sure what I’m having for dinner tonight. I told you I was in a rut! I think I’ll head over to peas and crayons and look for some inspiration.

But before I do, here’s a quick recap of today’s workout(s).

75 minutes of Ashtanga yoga. I normally do Vinyasa but today I stepped out side the box and tried something new! If you’re not familiar with yoga Ashtanga is a good place to start. It’s a series of poses that become the building blocks to any style of yoga. I sweat my little heart out! If you don’t think yoga is good workout, give it a try, and then tell me what you think.


Description:Breath, bhandas and drisiti! Ashtanga is the building block of Vinyasa Flow yoga, and learning aspects of the full Primary Series will help you feel comfortable in just about any class. Perfect for new students and the well seasoned practitioner. -TYC-


After class I laced up my shoes, grabbed a ZICO, put the lime in the coconut and ran for 45 minutes outside. It was a sunny 65 degrees today! It felt like Spring. Speaking of Spring do you need a new nail polish color for your toesies?

Happy Hump Day again and Shanti (peace),