Target, Tory and Tuesdays

Hello Tuesday!

I much prefer Tuesday’s over Monday’s, but Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week. Yesterday was a hectic day, you know one of those days when nothing goes as planned.

First I missed body sculpting so I decided to run on the treadmill for 40 minutes. Not Bad

Then I decided to take  a Turbo Kick class which to my surprise was actually a Zumba class. Not Bad

Had lunch with the Little Apron. Awesome!

Picked up a prescription at the pharmacy (little cold).

Bad…very bad! It took them 2.5 hours to get my prescription filled!!! Ughh

After all the madness the day ended up on a good note thanks to this…

{Organic ribs and chicken from The Fresh Marked seasoned with Penzeys  BBQ 300 and topped with

Neelys BBQ sauce. Sides included whole saffron basmati rice and veggie casserole.}

and this…

A skinny cow chocolate truffle popsicle. Sooo good and satisfying. I’m not so crazy about the Hubs beer choice but it was cold and complemented the dinner well.

Today’s agenda consists of:

~Having a good day

~Making good choices

~Cleaning the fridge

~Athletic conditiong

~View Tory Burch’s fashion show live!

~Target trip {Missoni for Target (Can’t wait)}

But first… a little fuel.

Whole wheat pancakes with chia seeds, flax meal and banana.

Topped with a little more nanner (1/2 medium total), couple spoonfuls of blueberry yogurt, drizzle of honey, and a sprinkle of Bear Naked fit granola.

Two questions for the day: What’s you favorite day of the week and why?

What’s your favorite beer and would you reccomend it?



Pretty powerful

If you had to choose one word to describe what makes you powerful, what would it be?




 I am Strong because being strong means to be physically, mentally, and spiritually fit. I try to live a balanced life through yoga, kindness and inspiring others to do the same. Encouraging play time like my Birthday 5K is just one example. If I can help at least one person everyday than I know I’m doing my job.
For more on the story follow the link!!!

and the winner is…

Congratulations to Brittney at brittfit! For winning TFA’s first giveaway.

True Random Number Generator  1   5  2 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

She just won a bottle of Nars nail polish in Orgasm (peachy pink with gold sheen).

(Borrowed photo)

It all started with a little post about MAKEUP,

 [Nars Fashion Icon kit]

and how to get a fresh off the treadmill glow.

I hope to make The Fitted Apron more than just a blog about healthy living but too also include my passion for fashion, BEAUTY ((both inner and out)), and the practice of yoga while still keeping things light and witty.

Congrats again Britt e-mail me your info.

Maria 🙂


I’m not affiliated with Nars’ in any way shape or form nor did they bribe me.

Confessions of a runner: V-day edition

This week I made a new friend at the M.A.C counter and his name is Casey.

He made me look like Wonder Woman.

I was offered a job at Crate and Barrel.

I wonder why?

I strolled the shoe aisle at Saks and fancied these

and these.

Do you think Tory Burch needs a new bff?

The hubs bought me some zero calorie chocolates.

I made him some heart-shaped pancakes.

I used to think diamonds were a girls best friend,

then I met Tiffany.

Happy Valentine’s Day,