Vin nada hard enough

Vinyatha was not what I expected 😦

Vinyatha is a combination of vinyassa and hatha yoga.

The class was a little to slow for my pace. I know it’s good to slow down every once in a while, but today was not the day for me. I barely felt like got a workout. I didn’t even break a sweat!! I’m trying out a new studio that’s closer to my home but unfortunately only some of the classes are heated. I’m sure you can guess today’s class wasn’t.

I did however get in a good stretch and was able to clean up my poses. I can be thankful for that.

After class I met with a Shaklee representative to discuss their amazing line of vitamins, athletic nutrition, and green cleaning products. I’m thinking about selling the stuff that’s how good it is!!!

I wasn’t very hungry for many many hours [due to lack of physical activity], but decided to make a small salad, knowing that dinner wouldn’t be until very late.




Fruit  ( tomatoes are a  fruit , right?)

Dairy (TJ’s peanut butter cream cheese)

Beverage of chose was a gingerberry kombucha. So good!

See ya


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