Paint your food in color


It’s a cloudy rainy day here in Indy. Hopefully it clears up by tomorrow morning.

Depending on the weather I may wear,

Shorts? Pants? Tights?

Long sleeve? Short sleeve shirt?

Perhaps an umbrella? ūüôā

to tomorrows mini-marathon.

So many choices, and so¬†much to do today. Wouldn’t it be great if we could stop¬†the clock¬†to get some work done or even¬†rest!¬†¬† I feel like I have so much to do but no matter how hard I try nothing seems to¬†¬†get done. Ughhh!

okay, okay, this is not a itch-fest, I’m just sayin.

Today’s agenda:

  • First things first, 500 festival mini-marathon¬† expo¬† (so excited)
  • Buy a new¬†watch (lost mine)
  • Pick up a few grocery’s (pasta)
  • Bake some goodies (distressor)
  • 20 minute run (warm up the legs)
  • Rest (must must¬†do)

I’m not the type of person who like to sit still for more than an hour. Go figure.

Breakfast this morning was heavy in carbs but lighter than yesterday’s Maria bowl.

Isn’t it pretty?

Swirled pancakes

  • 1 serving of kodiak cakes
  • topped with 2 tbsp lfv yogurt
  • 1 tbsp homemade raspberry sauce {warm berries in a sauce pot add a small amount of water and a pinch of sugah)
  • 1 tbsp sunflower nut butter
  • 1/2 small banana

After applying the toppings take a knife and swirl away.

May your day be full of color


Hey mock-a-rita

Ole! Ole!

Ole! Ole!

My great grandparents (all four)¬†are from mexico and my grandparents (all four) are from Texas. Being Cinco¬†de Mayo and all naturally¬†we had a¬†mexican meal¬†for dinner. Mexican food to me is my go to comfort food. If I’m ever feeling down or ill,¬†some good ole spicy mexican food makes it all the better.¬†

The hubs was kind enough to make chicken tacos per my request while, the little apron and I were at a girl scout meeting. Mexican food can be very high in calories and fat but just a couple of substitutions can make it healthier.

A few things that work for me

Chicken, shrimp or fish instead of beef

Smaller tortillas, preferably wheat and low-carb if available

Small sprinkle of cheese low-fat cheese or better yet nutritional yeast

Lots of lettuce and veg for added bulk and fiber

Only 1 serving of tortilla chips (about a cup)

My plate. One chicken taco seasoned with cumin, s+p, and salsa

On the side: extra lettuce, organic tortilla chips, spoonful of salsa and about 2 tbsp of guacamole. Didja know avocados are a good fat?

Beverage of choice: Mock-a-rita! [{otherwise known as vitamin water zero in a fancy margarita glass}] Yes this is a dry house until after the race ūüôā

Dessert: Two girl scout cookies while at the meeting.

How did you spend your 5th of May?

Vin nada hard enough

Vinyatha was not what I expected ūüė¶

Vinyatha is a combination of vinyassa and hatha yoga.

The class was a little to slow for my pace. I know it’s good to slow down every once¬†in a while, but today was not the day for me. I barely felt like got a workout. I didn’t even break a sweat!! I’m trying out a new studio that’s closer to my¬†home but unfortunately only some of the classes are heated. I’m sure you can guess today’s class wasn’t.

I did however get in a good stretch and was able to clean up my poses. I can be thankful for that.

After class I met with a Shaklee representative to discuss their amazing line of vitamins, athletic nutrition, and green cleaning products. I’m thinking about selling the stuff that’s how good it is!!!

I wasn’t very hungry for many many hours [due to lack of physical activity], but decided to make a small salad, knowing that dinner wouldn’t be until very late.




Fruit  ( tomatoes are a  fruit , right?)

Dairy (TJ’s peanut butter cream cheese)

Beverage of chose was a gingerberry kombucha. So good!

See ya

Maria bowl

Good morning! Good morning!

Only two more days till the 35th running of the Indianapolis 500 mini-marathon!

For the next couple of day I’ll be putting the finishing touches on my training:

I plan to get in:

  • lots of water
  • one more yoga session
  • plenty of rest
  • good food
  • gear check

After working the past three days (12 hour days) and having so/so breakfast I knew today a big bowl of cereal of was in order.

May I present you with the Maria bowl

3/4 cup brown rice cereal

1/2 cup strawberry yogi crisps

1/2 cup soy milk (all that was left)

1/2 cup almond milk

Topped with:

1/2 small banana

1/2 cup mixed frozen berries (warmed first)

1 tbsp nuttzo butter [you can learn more about nuttzo (here)] I  think that was one of my very first post! cringe!

sprinkle of chia seeds and coconut

On my way to a new yoga studio, flourish yoga, to get my Vinyatha on!

Have a great day 



Happy Cinco de Mayo