a day in the life of my stomach…


1 serving of kodiac pancakes. These pancakes are great! Just add water! No eggs or oil!

Topped with 1 small banana, 2 tbsp Trader Joe’s peanut butter cream cheese (look it up), 1 tbsp apple buttah, and a sprinkle of chia seeds.

Kept me full: all morning, throughout and after 75 minutes of HOT vinyasa yoga. In class we worked on hand stands, and I can almost do one!! I  just need a little more confidence and better concentration. My teacher made a good point today, something along the lines of (strength is more than physical it’s also mental). Meaning be in the moment, focus on the now and allow your inner strength to shine through.


My very first Whole Foods salad bar. Lettuce, cabbage, artichokes, beans, quinoa, cauliflower, beets, peas, zucchini, blue cheese and avocado lime dressing, and an apple (from home).

I also purchased a sparkling water and a hugh jass roll. The roll was FULL of  nuts: pepitas, poppy seeds and some other things? I toasted it first, ate most of it and tossed the rest.

After lunch I had a 1:00 appt with my new hairdresser. To be revealed soon.

Second workout of the day was with the Little Apron and her school running club. It’s so nice to be a running mentor to 4th, 5th and 6th graders.

Dinner inspiration was pizza. Shrimp, onions and bar- b- que sauce were involved.

I sauteed 1 white onion in evoo, added 1 # of shrimp. 1/4 cup of bar- b- que sauce and 1/4 cup H2O.

Simmered for about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile I rolled out the dough (trader joe’s brand) and pre-baked it for about 7 minutes before adding the toppings. I think baking the dough first makes for a crispier crust. Once the shrimp/onion mixture was added I then topped it with pepper, garlic powder and a very small amount of mozzarella cheese.

Side salad of course.

And some very cheap white wine that was suprisingly good. Tisdale chardonnay all the way.


Chocolate covered pretzels.

Happy Wednesday! I’m on way over to peas and crayons 🙂

4 thoughts on “a day in the life of my stomach…

  1. First timer at the Whole Foods sell-your-soul-for-a-meal Salad Bar, huh? 😉 Looks great…and holy yum, whatta roll!

    I LOVE TJ’s ready to bake pizza crust! So easy and who can beat the deal at only 99 cents? Shrimp and bbq is a combo I’ve never tried before, but it sounds great!

    • Yes. One salad, roll, drink, and granola (for later), cost be about $11.00 bucks!!! The salad was devine thought. Maybe once a month or every other month is about all my wallet is willing to pay. It was very nice treat!

  2. I’m in love with pretty much anything and everything at TJ’s. I was a little skeeved out about the PB cream cheese at first, and then I tried it. WOW! I couldn’t get enough!!!! And the 99 cent pizza dough there?! Perfect!!!!

    • I know peanut butter cream cheese sounded kinda crazy to me too. After standing and comtemplating the purchase for a while, a girl finally came over and said should we open up a tub and let me try it. My daughter and I agreed it was gooood!

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