Blue mile bunny socks

Happy Easter!

I hope you had a great Easter Sunday no matter how you spent it. My day was filled with family, food and fun.

 I ate lots of good food today!

  • Egg omelet with plenty of veg for breakfast.
  • Salads, fresh veg, fruit, and a small plate of dessert for lunch.
  • Purple monster smoothie with a purple jelly bean tossed in for dinner.

Yesterday as I was reading my e-mails I stumbled across the blue mile’s e newsletter. For those of you who don’t live in Indianapolis the blue mile is a store “committed to runners and walker at all levels of fitness”.  They carry everything from shoes and apparel to gadgets and accessories to get you started on walking/running program or keep you motivated. The friendly knowledgeable staff is a big plus as well.  In the newsletter are things like product reviews,


  Endurox R4 Recovery Drink


 Soleus 262 100-Lap Watch  

 and information on their upcoming store events.

What caught my eye the most was this:

[{Easter Sunday Fun at BlueMile in Broad Ripple, Camel and Fishers We’ll be open on Easter Sunday (in these three locations only) with a little Easter egg fun. Pick an egg out of the basket, and you’ll win a prize–including gift cards and merchandise. Our special Easter hours are noon to 5pm in Broad Ripple, Carmel and Fishers.}]

Now let me start out by saying I may be a little too old to hunt for Easter eggs, but ask me to reach into a basket and pull out an egg. Now that I can do.

Before heading home and calling it a day we [Mr. Apron, Little Apron and myself] stopped into the Fishers location to take a look around and see what the Easter bunny had left behind.

I chose the last pink egg and to my surprise I found a mr. Goodbar (peanuts…love) and a note that read:

Happy Easter! Free Socks!

Feetures! light are a multi-sport  performance sock with ultra light cushion and a seamless toe guaranteed to prevent blisters. The other cool thing about these socks are the eco-friendly packaging they come in and the company’s commitment to the National Forest Foundation. A portion of sales for each pair of socks is donated to the NFF.

It just so happens I was in need of a new pair of running socks. I tried them on as soon as I got home and gave them a quick two-mile run.  They felt great and fit like a glove!

 Thank you Mr. Easter bunny or should I say the blue mile…wink, wink.

What was your favorite suprise today?


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