Berry excited for a 10 mile run


The sun is shining, but it wont last long.

Showers in the Vicinity

I’m gonna try to beat the rain and get in a 1o mile run. 

10 miles?!

10 miles sounds so intimidating, but with only two more weeks left until race day,


 I need to be putting the finishing touches on my training.

 According to my calculations I have ran a total 20 hours since January.

20 hours with an average pace of 10 minute per mile is the equivalent of:

120 miles,

9 mini-marathons, or

4 full-marathons

When you put it into perspective 10 miles is nada. Nothing but a G thing baby!

 I  am starting to get a little tired though, and my body is feeling the effects. My lower back hurts and my hips are so tight.

 When I think back to previous years of training this always seems to happen to me: lack of motivation, body aches, and the dreaded long run.  

 I’m sure every runner feels this way at some point or another even on their best days.

I guess you could say it’s normal.

 The good news is I have a plan 🙂

  1. Run with grace
  2. Maintain integrity
  3. Elevate legs
  4. Ice baths (brrr)
  5. Arnica gel

[ If you’ve never used arnica gel get some now! It does wonders for sore muscles.]

     5. Epsom salt

     6. Rap music: It gives me that edge, you know?

On that note I’m out the door!


A granola bar and  cup of berry inferno joe. The Fresh Market has thee best coffee eva.

 Look at that peanut butter goodness…mmm.


2 thoughts on “Berry excited for a 10 mile run

  1. Go Maria! I started getting a little burned out before I ran my half, too. I think now I’m going to focus more on speed and shorter distances. Good luck – I know you’ll do awesome!

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