Confessions of a runner part III

I often forget how old I am.

Case in point, take yesterday’s post.

I got so excited about this upcoming weekend and our trip to Gatlinburg, TN to celebrate Aunt T’s 30th. I accidentally referred to this picture of  her and I, as a celebration of my 30th B-day. After thinking about it on my way to the gym, I realized the pic was actually taken on my 31st birthday this past July.

If you ask me for my age, I may or may not stop to think about.

Age is really just a number anyway, right!?

4 thoughts on “Confessions of a runner part III

  1. If there was a like button I would press it. When I am 40 I’ll still be telling people I am 27. Ha! Love it. (Hope you have a fun trip)

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