Hey mama!

Last night Mr. Apron and I met up with our dear friends Jeff and Joyce for our annual Valentine’s Day double date.

[Mama Carolla´s villa was built by the RH Shelborn Company in the 1920´s as a model home for a new style of homes to be built o the Indianapolis north side. This California Stucco design incorporates a Mediterranean style with a little touch of Spanish and Italian, and can be seen in several houses throughout the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood.]-taken directly from website.

 Mama Carolla’s is our favorite Italian restaurant. In my opinion it has some of the best Italian fare in all of Indianapolis. Mama Carolla’s is a family run establishment and although Mr. Carolla no longer cooks you can be sure to find him at the patio door greeting every customer with a warm smile. You can’t miss him with his white fluffy hair, happy belly, and almost always sporting a red wool sweater. He’s one of the cutest old men I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

Mr. and Mrs. Apron

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Joyce sporting the sultry eye.

The girls

No boys, just warm crusty bread with a little olive oil.

Italian wedding soup.

I hardly ever order soup at restaurants because they usually seem to be heavily salted. Not this one! The soup was divine!!! Meatballs, and tiny noodles in a light broth.

Main course: Spinach ravioli mmm!!!

Fresh pasta squares filled with a cheesy spinach mixture, covered with a creamy pesto sauce.  Mr. Apron ordered the same thing which rarely ever happens, I guess it looked too good for him to pass up. I really need to make my own pesto sauce someday, it’s so flavorful and versatile.

After dinner the four of us  walked across the street to the LGG: Locally Grown Gardens in search of some SUGAR PIE. Chef Ron [whom you can see in background] makes all of his pies from scratch using only the best natural ingredients. The LGG  is a year round farmers markets, restaurant and bakery. He sells seasonal produce, local honey, artisanal chocolates, and fresh dairy. The refurbished gas station reminds me of a Parisian market, filled with rows and rows of fruit and veg. Sadly I’ve never been to Europe, I can only imagine that’s what it would be like. You really should check out the LGG website and read Chef Ron’s awesome bio!

A slice of SUGAR pie shared with Mr. Apron. The pic doesn’t do it justice people.

A Flaky crust and creamy middle, what’s not to like?

The perfect ending to a wonderful evening.


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