TFA’s First Giveaway

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and all things cutsey I’ll be giving away a new bottle of NARS nail polish in Orgasm.

In this post, I said was going to take the fashion icon kit back and purchase the blush separately.


After reading some of your comments and wearing the gloss a little longer I changed my mind and decided to keep everything. I’m so glad I did,the  lip gloss doesn’t bleed as much as I thought it did, you just have to use a smaller amount and apply it correctly. Did you know that you should only apply lip gloss to the center of your pout? It prevents the lip gloss from running to the corners of your mouth. In this case a little goes a long way. The blush gives a fresh off the treadmill glow, and the nail polish is a soft coral pink with hints of gold that would flatter any skin tone.  I think I’ll be wearing the nail polish well into the summer months, It would make a great pedi color. Tory Burch sandals anyone?

Now that I have a bottle of my own and really like it, I want to share one with y’all. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what your favorite nail polish color is. I will pick a random number and announce the winner Friday.



(remember the giveaway is only for the nail polish)

11 thoughts on “TFA’s First Giveaway

  1. I heart nail polish! And make-up brushes! How is your smash box fan brush treating you? I like RED nails – my fav is “I don’t do dishes” or “I’m really not a waitress” by OPI

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