Outside the box

 I’m really loving the Dave Farmer podcasts. It’s so easy to get in a good stretch at home and calm the mind. Dave is great at explaining the proper position of  a pose making it  more than just move. He might spend a few minutes going over the correct way to hold your wrists while in downward facing dog, or the importance of using all four corners of the foot while in Tadasana (mountain pose).  These little adjustments make a huge difference in my practice. Whenever I go back to the studio after one or two of Dave’s Baptiste Power Vinyasa podcast, I am more prone to take my time and flow through the poses with grace. Not to say the yoga studio or instructors don’t give good prompts, it’s just that when you do something at home, whether it be working out , cooking , or crafting you do it with humility and thus it becomes practice.

For the past couple of days I’ve been practicing yoga in the morning and running on the treadmill in the evening.

 It’s been nice to break up the training and get some kinks out before going on a quality run. Now I’m not saying that yoga makes me a better faster runner, but it certainly helps with my muscle recovery and over all well-being.

A great instructor at the Y once said “your only as strong as your weakest link.” Meaning you can lift 1oo pounds or run for miles on end but if you never step outside the box to try something new you’ll be forced to use the same muscles over and over without really challenging yourself.

What if anything will you do this weekend to step outside the box?

And now before I loose you, a food sampling of the past couple of days.

Snow day breakfast: A bowl of wheat-fuls topped with 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup homemade granola,1 tbsp almond butter, and a sprinkle of chia seeds with soy milk.


Mother daughter lunch at Panera Bread. From the Pick-two combo NEW! 1/2 Thai chopped chicken salad with a cup of garden vegetable soup with pesto. Hands down the best salad I had all week. The salad consisted of fresh romaine, cilantro, a blend of grilled edemama, red bell peppers and carrots all tossed in a Thai vinaigrette. Topped with all-natural, antibiotic free chicken, cashews, and a few peanuts. February is eat out less month but can you believe I only paid $7.00 for the two of us? Before heading out to lunch I found a coupon online for a buy one pick-two get one pick-two free.


Quick and balanced dinner: California pizza kitchen with a side salad and water. Sometimes I like a thick crust and other times I enjoy the crispy cracker like texture of a thin crust. Probably didn’t need the ham…wait a minute yes I did! Anywho, the best thing about the salad besides the greenage was the return of my favorite salad dressing. Bolthouse farms yogurt ranch, mmm so good.

Happy Friday!


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