One plate wonder

Are you having a fabulous Tuesday? Was breakfast and lunch good?

So far it’s been great one on this end.

Pre-fuel breakfast:

English muffin toasted and topped with 2 tbsp better n’ peanut butter, 1 tbsp apple butter, 1/2 mashed nanner, 2 tbsp apricot granola.


1 hour athletic conditioning class

2 mile treadmill run

Post-fuel lunch:

One plate wonder

Simple salad , drizzled with apple cider vinegar thanks to for the idea. Apple cider vinegar has zero, ZERO calories. The vinegar reminds me of coleslaw, it just makes sense to add it on fresh veggies, yum. Also on the plate one hard-boiled egg,  about a cup of cantaloupe, five stone ground wheat crackers and a laughing cow.

Today’s beverage of choice was a shot of kefir. Tangy.

On my way to run some errands. Have a wonderful afternoon.


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