Shorty got Lo-Lo’s

Yoga was m-azing! I missed the studio soooo much. TYC started a special at the beginning of January $111.00 for one month unlimited. Since time was beginning to running out, I bought a package and have access to unlimited yoga classes for 30 days.

I think they missed me too. Karen gave me a back massage whilst in childs pose…score, maybe it was partly due to the fact that I toppled over while doing a side crow. I’ve been very clumsy lately, my balance is waaaaay off. Hopefully getting in lots of yoga will do the trick.

To save myself from having to shower twice, I decided to head to the gym and get in my scheduled four mile run. Whilst on the treadmill I listened to a playlist I like to call Sara’s Country. See, back in the summer when it was warm and sunny, I wanted to learn some country music. So as to be on the up and up and ya know.

My dear friend Sara made a playlist for me with all the current country music she thought I would like.

One of those songs was by The Zac Brown Brand.

“You know I like my chicken fried

Cold beer on a Friday night

A pair of jeans that fit just right

And the radio up”

I played the song over and over for the whole third mile. The song made me think of this.


My (in the orang skirt) 31st birthday celebration this past July, this is the kind of stuff I think about while running. Makes me smile 🙂

You know what else the song reminded me of?

Our last day in Arizona and Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles.  Sunday brunch was a shared plate with the hubs.

We wandered into busy restraunt wafting of delicious smell. The hubs and I shared the Lo-Lo, three pieces of fried chicken and two waffles. I had one piece of chicken, half a waffle, plus a side order of black-eyed peas. The fresh squeezed lemonade was tasty, but a bit warm. If you haven’t had chicken and waffles, I highly recommend, atleast once or twice in your life.

Anywho, the run was good, 4 miles in 4:30, I felt strong with lots of energy and ambition. It’s amazing what one song can do.

Lunch was a salad, hard-boiled egg, 1/2 cup yogurt, small apple, multi-grain chips and a coffee with the moms.

 Back at the house was stir-fry tofu

and a couple of drinks.

1/2 glass red and,

a Sun King Light. Didn’t get everything done on the agenda list, but oh well it was a good day. I also had a cutie toffuti for my last dessert of the week.

Maria 🙂


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