Devil in a blue dress

Last nights activities took us to Scottsdale, Arizona “a deserts version of Miami’s South Beach”.

We went to American Junkie, Smashbox, and the Devils Martini for dancing and well… martini’s.

But what’s really important is the dress.

You see Monique is a GM at the BCBG in Dillard’s where we went shopping on Friday. I have always been a big fan of the clothing line but even so more now. The girls who work there are very helpful, and know how to style.

Isn’t Monique gorgeous!?  She’s wearing BCBG too, of course.

We spent our Sunday afternoon relaxing after an amazing lunch. We’ll talk about lunch later, trust me you don’t want to miss it.

The boys are going to the store to buy some groceries for tonight’s dinner. We are going to watch the Golden Globes tonight and have one more meal with our friends before we go home tomorrow. In the meantime I’m gonna take advantage of the setting sun and run a quick two miles.




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