Sushi and shopping

Friday started out with some home cooked breakfast burritos.

 These tortillas are nothing like the kind you get in the grocery store. The tortilla was chewy, doughy and rich it reminded me of  the kind my dad used to buy in my hometown of Toledo. The bakery would make them fresh daily and he’d get up early on Saturday mornings to get a new batch. If I remember correctly these were made directly in Mexico in a small bakery. I topped by burrito with some hatch green chili, and added a side of orange directly from the fruit tree outside.

The mall in Scottsdale is amazing. They have many high-end stores: Louis Vuitton, Tiffanys, Tory Burch, Dillard’s, and Coach just to name a few. Ok I only looked at the stores, except Dillard’s where  I found a pretty blue BCBG dress, I plan on wearing tonight. Can I just tell you that I’m falling in love with Tori Burch flats. Everyone out here seems to be sporting a pair.

After much shopping I was hungry for something light and nourishing.

We sat on the patio at Kona Grill and watched all the expensive cars valet park, while we ate this amazing meal. I say amazing a lot! I know but it really was. A house salad with shrimp, tuna, salmon sushi and a california roll.

And one of these, a kiwi kiss. I am on vacation after all.

For happy hour we met up with the boys and had apps and margaritas at Blanco.

We tried our luck at an Indiana reservation casino but failed miserably. It was late and I was still hungry due to the fact I only sampled the apps. We found a nice burger joint where I ordered a grilled veggie sandwich and roasted tomato soup. I liked the soup better than the sandwich, the bread was too much and bland. I ate all the veg and soup, plus some sweet potato fries shared among the table.

The hubs and are going out for a run today! Yeah!

My goal is to run four miles, but we’ll see how it goes, the elevation might be a bit challenging. I’m told theirs a nice park down the street with a running trail directly in the mountains.

Wish me luck.

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