Stay on the treadmill

I organized my morning and wrote down my to do list. My original workout plan was run at 9:15 then take a weight lifting class at 10:15. It took longer than expected to drive due to the Y due to the snowy roads. Knowing I wouldn’t have enough time to do both I skipped the class, stayed on the treadmill and made up my own workout.

Workout recap:


4 miles on the treadmill 39:45


20 push ups, 20 dips, 20 biceps, 20 lat pulls

16 push ups, 16 dips, 16 biceps, 16 lat pulls

12 push ups, 12 dips, 12 biceps, 12 lat pulls


20 squats, 20 single leg squats, 20 calf raises

16 squats, 16 single leg squats, 16 calf raises

12 squats, 12 single leg squats, 12 calf raises


20 crunches, 20 criss cross, 20 jackknifes

16 crunches, 16 criss cross, 16 jackknifes

12 crunches, 12 criss cross, 12 jackknifes

Hardly do I ever workout in the free weights room, but today was warranted. I prefer to do my strength training in a class setting, where I can the same smiling faces everyday.  It also keeps me motivated to do my best. I’m a little competitive.

Maybe that’s why yoga is soooooo good for me, it takes out the “ego” a la Dave Farmer.  

 According to my training schedule I should be aiming for a 10:13 pace, todays pace was just under a 10 minute mile. For the most part it was a pretty smooth ride, my goal was to be done within 40 minutes. Seeming how I’m in the early stages of training I’m a little slower than I’d like but hope to be speed up to a 9 minute mile come May. Have I mentioned I’m running two half-marathons this year?

Oy vey!

The One America 500 Festival Mini Marathon

Saturday May 7, 2011


The Geist Reservoir Half Marathon

Saturday May 21, 2011

Yep their two weeks apart. The cool thing is If I complete both runs I’ll be eligible to be a member in the Month of May Club.

You see racing here in Indy is a big thing, and the month of May is an exciting time.

I figured this would be great way to skip the whole marathon thing. My ONE and only was two years ago, and believe me I’m not ready to do that again. Maybe someday who knows.

Speaking of marathons The P.F. Changs Rock n’ Roll Marathon Arizona is this weekend.

Maybe I can catch a glimpse as a spectator.

Todays workout left me pretty hun-gary.

I had some more of this hugh jass salad

with tuna salad, a side of whole wheat crackers and a clementine.

Dinner was the only thing I could find in the house. Frozen organic pork chops seared in a tomato base

with onions, and garlic, seasoned with cumin, and chili powder.

An attempted mexican rice side dish with corn. Mom tells me it’s easy to make and has even given me the recipe on more than one occasion but I swear it’s not the same. I think theirs something she’s not telling me. 

The only greenage left in the crisper was lettuce and cabbage. I decided to make a creamy cole slaw with Bolthouse Farms yogurt dressing and apple cider vinegar. Seasoned with salt, onions and cilantro. L’a liked it.

No dessert nor wine this evening.

Maybe tomorrow.

I hope to work on my training schedule soon so you all can see it.



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