a good egg

I’m really feeling the protein power today.

I had a savory two egg omelet, with spinach, mushrooms and nutritional yeast.

I topped it with some hot sauce from local folks, and added salsa to the middle.  I cooked up some fresh pineapple in the same skillet, for a touch of  sweetness.

Also on my plate a small slice of toasted sprouted rye bread (not shown) smeared with apple butter.

Instead of having coffee with breakfast I hade a moc-tail. Sparkling lemon water with a splash of cranberry juice. Once I go to work I decided it was time for coffee. Good morning!

Some of today’s lunch with include this hugh jass salad I prepared on Sunday evening. Since where going out-of-town at the end of week I cleaned out the fridge and made a “garbage salad” with all the veggies I could find. This salad will be a quick and easy addition to any meal.

 Taco Tuesday for Dinner!

3 thoughts on “a good egg

  1. Maria, I think I’m going to have to give nutritional yeast a try. I keep seeing it on blogs in place of cheese. It’s good protein, right? What else do you like it in?

    • Katie, nutritional yeast is a nice substitute for cheese. It’s a complete protein, high in b-vitamins and low in fat and sodium. I put in on just about everthing I would normally put cheese on. It’s especially good on softer things, like chili. You can find in bulk bins at most health food store, it’s pretty inexpensive too.

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