Deconstructed oats

Oatmeal for dinner

After a twelve-hour work day the last think I want to do is spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing an elaborate meal. I normally get home from work around at 8:00pm, and if I happen to work the next day I need to by there 0700 (7:00am). This gives me just enough time to get home, shower, eat, sleep, wakeup, have breakfast, and drive to work.

Tonights dinner is what I like to call deconstructed oats.

It has all the main components of a good bowl of oatmeal.

 Oats, banana, milk, peanut butter.

The star of this bowl plate, was a Cascadian Farm Organic almond butter crunchy granola bar. It was soooo gooood!

 The ingredient list is very “clean”,

  • rolled oats
  • sugar
  • sunflower oil
  • almond butter
  •  tapioca syrup
  • oat fiber


  • rice flour

are the first seven organic ingredients. The tapioca syrup adds a nice touch of flavor and sweetness.

With no hydrogenated oils, no artificial preservatives or flavors, and only $3.00 per box, that’s a cheap bar.

This dinner was easy to assemble, and fun to eat. I’m glad I wasn’t in the mood for oatmeal this morning.

Who needs dessert when can have all of this?

Working one more day this week, then the hubs and I taking a mini vacay to sunny Arizona. So excited! We’ll be visiting our friends M+M in Phoenix and getting into lots of shenanigans.

 I’m planning a run for Wednesday and Thursday morning and hope to do some weight lifting. We leave for Phoenix Thursday afternoon, and return home Monday evening. I hope to squeeze in one decent run sometime this weekend. It’s gonna be hard.

How do you manage your workouts when your on vacation?

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