Chili night!

This evening I drove to the YMCA with good intentions of running three miles on the treadmill. When I pulled into the barren parking lot and drove up to the window I discovered they were already closed.  I did not panick. Instead I did what every normal runner would do, drove home, bundled up and headed out the door.


The hubs jumped in  his car and drove  behind me. He does this every once in while when he doesn’t feel like running or can’t.  Maybe he didn’t run with me and maybe he gets on my nerves sometimes (ha), but at least I know he’s got my back 🙂

Earlier this week I ran outdoors during the daylight hours and felt heavy and slooooow. Tonight was actually pretty good!

I really don’t like running in the cold but have recently discovered it’s not that bad.

Maybe I’m not so wimpy after all.

Dinner was Chiliii

made by the hubs. Tomatoes, onion, garlic, chili powder,  cumin, kidney beans, elbow macaroni, and organic lean beef. Sprinkled with cheese and side of Food Should Taste Good  multigrain chips.

FSTG (food should taste good), are my “healthier” substitute for tortilla chips. Tonight’s beverage was sparkling H2O with lemon.

Off to bed Fred



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