Thai one on

Last night the hubs and I went on a date.

The evening started out with a little wine tasting.

Chateau de pique opened a new tasting room just down the way.

The staff was very nice and informative.

We bought two bottles for tonight’s soriee.

These wine crackers were so good. They tasted like a crunchy sweet biscuit.

For dinner we wanted something spicy and decided on the Thai Cafe in Broadripple.

Starters was the smallest cabbage salad I’ve ever seen. But don’t let the size fool you, it was packed with tons of flavor and crunch, I enjoyed every last bite.

The waiter forgot to bring my glass of Sauvignon blanc, when I politely asked him about it he said they were sold out.  boo 😦   

The place was crazy busy, I found out later they were even also sold out of dessert.  Twas okay, that’s how I judge a good restaurant.

I ordered a glass of white zin instead, it had a pretty pink hue, with nice and light flavors.

It paired well this sweet and sour chicken.

For dessert we walked over to the corner wine bar and ordered the creme brulee and two coffees. I’ve had creme brulee at a restaurant in Myrtle Beach and it was nasty.

That’s another story.

Anyway this one was spot on!

Off to work today.

Have a great December 31st!


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