Chocolate for breakfast

Today turned out to be fabulous. I woke feeling a little icky from the wine but after a great workout and sweat I’m feeling much better.

We did lots of fun drills in interval training today.

  • frog jumps
  • crab walks
  • seals
  • stars

and lots and lots of running.

Pre-workout snack:

Nutz over chocolate…I am. Luna bar

Post-work out snack:

  • nanner
  • chocolate ovaltine…I see a pattern
  • almond milk

After helping the little apron clean her room and do some more organizing , I was starving.  We’re getting ready to redo and paint her room. In case you’re wondering I’ve been on vacay from work this week. I return tomorrow, but get New Years day off. yeah! Wonder what kind of shenanigans I can get into?


Tai chicken wrap

build your own side salad. Didn’t care much for the sweet soy dressing, used the tai dressing instead.

I tried the red velvet cookie on the left. It was light and fluffy, the powdered sugar on top tasted like icing.

I ate most of the mint chocolate cookie…pattern.

and saved the chocolate chip for Mr. Apron.

My body was craving chocolate today, what can I say?

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