Holiday Highlights

A Weekend Recap

Thursday Night was a birthday celebration with Phil, Emily, Joyce, and Jeff.

We had dinner at a place called Woodys Library. The library was built in 1913 and renovated by Andrew Carnegie some years later. The bi-level establishment serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner. The main level is a cozy retreat that resembles the original library design with vaulted ceilings. The downstairs is a neighborhood pub featuring the same menu as the upstairs. Woody features a Monthly Dinner Special consisting of an app (appetizers, salad and entrée) I tried the Holiday wedge.

A big hunk of iceberg lettuce, strawberries, carrot stix, almonds and creamy poppy seed dressing. I was little apprehensive of the dressing fearing it may be too rich, but to my surprise it was nice and light.

There may have been some wings, beer and popcorn after the salad.

We were seated in the pub after all.

Happy Birthday Phil


 Do you like my new do? Thank you Platinum Hair Design.

Desert was a cake inspired by Phil and Emily’s pooch Bebe.

 Classic Cakes did an aaaamazing job!

Moist white cake with chocolate ganache filling, and a 1/2 glass of Sun King.

Christmas Eve was a traditional Mexican dinner with beans, rice, tamales and this Tres Leches cake I make especially for the occasion.

But first sledding to work up an appetite.

 Not much happened on Saturday except a pitch in at work.

My contribution was a dish of brussel sprouts cooked with bacon, pecans and pom seeds.

Saturday the fun continued with a trip to the movies. I enjoyed Tron Legacy very much and would love to have the soundtrack. Growing up during the 80’s I never played the game, but the music, now that I can relate to. Saturday night we went swimming and sliding at Caribbean Cove.

It was a winter wonder land of sorts.


Our balcony looking over the atrium.

Cozy down comforters and pillows. I slept like a baby.

Dinner was nachos at the hotel restraunt

  My plate with some added green from the salad bar.

I went for a quick three mile run Monday morning at the hotel gym, and then had my own stash of cereal for breakfast.

With banana, chia seeds and peanut butter.



We worked quite an appetite after swimming and had my favorite easiest lunch…Subway. Yes, I am a subway junkie. Mr. Apron could care less for it but for some reason it always hits the spot without going overboard. I’m a sandwich kinda girl.

Back at the casa we had chicken enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce. It’s really easy all you do is buy some dried peppers from any ethnic grocery aisle, boil 3-4 peppers in water or broth, meanwhile saute 2 tbsp flour with crushed garlic, once done add the cooled ingredients to a food processor and puree. Add salt and pepper to taste.

I can’t think of a better way to end a spectacular holiday weekend.


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