Balance: to bring into harmony or proportion.

With only two more days till Christmas I hope you’re enjoying yourself and spending time with family. I’ve been doing a lot baking and tasting lately but very little eating. Well just the normal. I try to balance my food intake while still enjoying what I eat. For instance if I have a heavier breakfast like oatmeal or pancakes I’ll balance it out  with a lighter lunch. I didn’t use to eat oatmeal or pancakes for that matter in fear of the carbs. I’ve done some soul-searching since then and know it’s ok to have those types of things.

 I like to save my heavier breakfast for days that I work 12 hour shifts at the hospital,

{When I say heavier breakfast in terms of oatmeal,  I mean to say its just too many carbs and calories for me personally to digest it before a good workout.  I like oatmeal for the simple fact that it gets me through six hours of busy working before lunch time. I would rather eat at 6:00am in the dark than be famished and cranky at 8:00am.}

and lighter ones for my morning workouts at the gym.

This morning was TJ’s sprouted rye toasted with nut butter, jam , banana slices, and chia seeds.

Todays agenda

  • interval training
  • turbo kick
  • last-minute Christmas shopping
  • lunch
  • baking a cake
  • hair apt.
  • dinner with friends

Enjoy yourself, eat a cookie, something green, and stay active.


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